Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia has a reputation for being the most surreal food company in America. With flavors like balsamic banana, pizza, and (founding recipe) Earl Grey Sriracha, this ice cream company is bound to be a bit wacky. Even their physical locations feature décor reminiscent of Pee-wee’s Playhouse—clashing patterns, bold, vivid colors, and a general offbeat vibe.

In the article This Philadelphia Ice Cream Business Is Serving Up a Double Scoop of Weird, co-founder Pete Angevine explains, “Over the years we have been working on two aesthetics: One is ‘janky surrealism.’ The other is ‘pleasantly absurd.'” It’s a weird premise for a brand, but one that’s working. The small business is pulling in $1 million in revenue with several new locations popping up, as well selling pints in Whole Foods and other upscale grocery stores.

So, what brand identity lessons can we take away from this company’s bizarre take on an age-old product?

1: Be authentic. Millennials, in particular, value authenticity so being genuine with your marketing efforts is vital. Little Baby’s is unapologetically who they are, and it definitely gives them an edge over the competition.

2: Know your audience. Little Baby’s knows who their target market is and how to attract them. They unabashedly cater to this audience and are not afraid to repel people outside of their target (seriously, just watch a few of Little Baby’s ads on YouTube, and you’ll see how unafraid they really are).

3: Give employees room to represent the brand. At Little Baby’s, all employees are treated like co-workers and are given the room to have fun at work. This vibe feeds into the customer experience, solidifying the overall brand identity.

So, is your brand identity as distinctly defined? If not, we can help. Whether you’re going for janky surrealism, pleasantly absurd, or your own unique vibe, we have the marketing talent who can help steer your company’s brand in the right direction.