We live in a one-click world where everything is digitized and simplified. But sometimes that can mean things are also homogenized. Need proof? Look no further than today’s job market.

If you’re one of the millions of people who have looked for a job recently, you already know just how easy it can be to apply for a position. Long gone are the days of 2-sided, 4-page printed job applications and scrambling to find nice paper to print your resume. Candidates are spared countless hours of repetitive form-filling and cover letter-writing.

Every job site has its own flavor of a simplified, one-step application process:

  • LinkedIn: “EasyApply”
  • Indeed: “Apply With Your Indeed Resume”
  • Ziprecruiter: “Quick Apply”
  • Some sites might even send you to a third-party site with its own quick apply feature, like Ivy Exec, Adzuna or JobsXL…where the job is often scraped from another job site without the hiring company’s knowledge.

So how does this quick-and-dirty application process impact job seekers?


  • No need to write a new resume or fill out an application for every job.
  • It’s fast and easy.
  • The minimal investment means you don’t lose much if you are passed over.


  • No opportunity to write a customized resume or thoughtful direct cover letter.
  • Hiring managers may see you as wasting their time if you really aren’t qualified for the role (which can impact you later if you apply for a job that you ARE qualified to do).
  • It puts you on equal footing with every other candidate.

This last one is really important. When you’re applying for a job, do you really want to be on equal footing with every other candidate?

So in the world of “Easy Apply”, what can you to do stand out?

  • When given the opportunity, create a customized resume for each job.
    • Do this for each and every job.
    • If you are truly interested in the job, why would you NOT put in the extra effort to demonstrate why you are such a good fit?
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is immaculate, even if you’re applying for a job on Indeed or another site, because recruiters will look for you. That means:
    • Your name is visible and your photo is professional.
    • Your headline is clear, concise, and emoji-free.
    • Your profile isn’t cluttered with inspirational quotes.
    • Your job history (including dates, titles and companies) matches your resume.
  • Check your settings and preferences for every site you use to apply for jobs.
    • When the choice is given, always opt to include a resume with every application.
    • Think long and hard about the use of the “saved resume” feature. Remember that a custom version that highlights your most relevant experience for that specific job is going to be more convincing of your qualifications than a generic version.

Every job site has different rules, so be sure to understand your options for job applications BEFORE you push that Apply button.

For reference (and a slightly shameless plug), our firm prides itself on giving every applicant a fair shake. If your LinkedIn profile shows only your high school food court job, we’ll still look at your resume. But when there are hundreds of applications for a position, any recruiter has a hard time justifying spending a lot of time on an applicant who showed so little effort submitting their profile.

If you’re hesitant to put in a lot of effort to apply for a single job, think of this: recruiters see bazillions (technical term) of candidates for every role. It’s just as easy for them to click “Reject” as it is for you to click “Easy Apply”.

So give hiring managers and recruiters a reason to want to learn more about you. Make sure your resume, LinkedIn profile, and application clearly showcase your specific qualifications for the job. Stand out in a sea of sameness. And claim the dream job you deserve.

PS – If you’re looking for a few more resume tips, check out this post.

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