Move over Elvis, there’s a whole new wedding experience waiting for couples in Sin City.

For a whopping $600, you can now tie the knot at Taco Bell’s Las Vegas Cantina flagship restaurant. But wait—there’s more. In addition to a marriage certificate, the happy couple will also receive a Taco Bell garter, bow tie, “Just Married” t-shirts, a sauce packet wedding bouquet, Taco Bell champagne flutes, and a Cinnabon wedding cake. And, of course, couples will enjoy a 12-pack of tacos together for their first meal as newlyweds.

Taco Bell cooked up this latest marketing scheme and launched it with a contest the day before Valentine’s Day. Couples across the nation entered to win an all-expense-paid trip to Vegas, where they would be the first to walk down the aisle at the company’s flagship restaurant.

While getting married at a Taco Bell might sound ludicrous to some, this company has more than its fair share of ravenous fans. From the mother who recently made headlines with her Taco Bell inspired baby photo shoot to the endless number of Taco Bell tattoos, this company has a deeply loyal customer base. But how did the fast-food chain reach such a cult status? Well, by giving the people what they want.

In order to get to this point, Taco Bell needed to be deeply in touch with their target market and deliver the types of ads, products, and experiences their customers would clamor for. All of which takes time, money, and killer talent.

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