Kathy McConnell
Corporate Vice President

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Following more than 25 years in marketing and consulting for clients in the telecom and technology industries, Kathy joined Ceres Talent to focus on matching excellent marketers with clients who need them most. With a keen understanding of marketing and a love for helping people, Kathy finds connecting great marketers with the right clients to be both fun and fulfilling. Kathy began her career in finance and quickly realized she was much more interested in developing and marketing new products. Kathy rose through the management ranks and decided to take her marketing expertise to a new level as a marketing consultant. She earned a BS in Finance from West Virginia University.

Advice I Wish I’d Received Earlier in My Career

Take more professional risks. I wish I would have taken the risk of starting my own business earlier in my career, but I’m thankful for the balance that consulting offered, enabling me to keep my family my top priority. It led me to joining Ceres and becoming my own boss.

My Dream Job If I Weren’t at Ceres Talent

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing, I’d like to own a dance studio. I studied dance—jazz, ballet and tap—from childhood through high school. I joined a dance company while I was in college. I loved all aspects of dance: the discipline, creativity, performances and camaraderie that came with being part of a company. But I was not interested (nor talented enough) to make a living as a dancer, so I majored in Finance. I always thought I’d get a “real” job in the business world and then marry what I learned in business with my love of dance to open a studio. It could still happen, but I love where my career has taken me, so I’m thinking I’ll stick with Ceres Talent.

My Very First Job

It was basically a sales and customer service job with Chess King, a retail clothing store. I learned a lot about working with the public in a professional way and meeting goals (specifically, sales goals). And I’m sure it motivated me to stay in college so I wouldn’t have to continue working minimum wage jobs that I didn’t find interesting and required long hours on my feet.

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