Let’s face it, celery is not the sexiest vegetable in the drawer. In fact, it’s so unloved that it was the only vegetable left on the shelves during a global pandemic. But it is more versatile than you think. You can’t make Bloody Marys, Ants on a Log or a decent Thanksgiving stuffing without celery. And thanks to cooking shows and Pinterest posts, most of us have heard about mirepoix (the holy trinity of aromatics: carrots, onion and celery), how to root our own celery from the base of the stalks and even how to make a celery rose painting for your mom on Mother’s Day.

So, what should a smart marketer do to keep celery in the spotlight? Enter National Celery Month.

This holiday, celebrated in March, is the perfect opportunity to think about how we marketers would promote this wallflower vegetable if challenged with the task. While we wrap our heads around that, let’s revisit a few of the important principles from our beloved Five Ps (let’s not split hairs over how many Ps there are):

  1. Know thy product. In this case, it doesn’t mean eating celery at every meal. It means diving deep on the features and benefits of your product…knowing that celery is high in vitamin K, dates back as far as 850 BC, and is believed to have healing properties. It means you can have an intelligent conversation with a stranger about celery – and sound like a celery farmer. (Like one at Duda Farms, the agricultural cooperative that produces 33% of celery consumed in the U.S.).
  2. Positioning to promote. How do we tell the story of celery in a compelling way? (We realize ‘compelling celery’ could be considered an oxymoron.) What message resonates with current and future celery eaters? Celery has pretty much been an undercelebrated garnish, the last thing left on the crudité platter. But if we believe in the true power of positioning, we can put together an amazing National Celery Month promotion that might even convert a few naysayers who typically squinch up their faces at the sight of those healthy green stalks.
  3. Place has potential. Sure, there are a limited number of places you can actually sell celery. You won’t find kids on the corner with a celery stand. But you can find it in any grocery store, any day of the week, any time of the year. There’s a lot of nuance that goes into the ‘place’ part of the equation, though. Most of the time, celery is a staple that lives in the same humble spot, low on the shelf and out of the way. However, during special times of the year, you will find celery in a high-visibility area place (think Superbowl Sunday or Thanksgiving week). Marketers, we know that’s no accident!

The purpose of National Celery Month is ultimately to celebrate sell celery. We challenge you to put your skills to the test and think about ways you would market this unsung holiday if you were a CCMO (Chief Celery Marketing Officer).

Are #celeryinfluencers next?