With a struggling economy and dynamic workforce conditions, today’s organizational success depends on agility and resilience. Hiring contractors can be a critical component of a company’s labor strategy to ensure business continuity and manage risk.

Leveraging contractors can help fulfill a marketing team’s short-term needs as well as drive long-term strategy. Contractors can oversee website refreshes, manage digital marketing campaigns, lead the GTM strategy for a new market, solve your content development needs or serve as stop-gap while you’re hiring for a hard-to-fill position.

But finding the right marketing recruiting firm can be challenging. The process of identifying and onboarding the right marketing talent must be a true partnership between the firm and the organization.

When selecting an outside agency to identify, onboard and support a marketing contractor, organizations should insist on the following:

1. Speed and Quality. Marketing leaders are under the gun for decisions and deadlines. They don’t have the time to seek marketing contractors who are experienced, effective and bring the right skill set. A staffing firm with a deep understanding of marketing functions and company objectives can manage the process and bring in a successful candidate, quickly.

Look for a recruiting firm that:

  • Attracts and vets the best talent. Confirm that the recruiter has a network of vetted candidates. Ask about the number of repeat candidates who have successfully helped multiple companies achieve their goals – and the percentage of repeat clients who recommend the firm for its quality service
  • Is efficient and selective. Rather than suggesting a long list of potential candidates, good agencies will provide only the top two or three candidates for consideration to make your decision quicker and easier.
  • Fills positions within days or weeks, not months. Good recruiting firms know their candidates and have a strong pool of superior talent ready to go when requested. Ensure the firm has a large and reputable candidate pool and can present candidates quickly.

2. Partnership and Expertise. While you may be looking for interim help, you should consider your recruiting firm to be a long-term partner.

Look for a marketing recruiting firm that:

  • Specializes. Staffing agencies that specialize in a functional area have experts who understand your needs and can identify the best talent, resulting in quality matchmaking.
  • Has practical experience. If the people finding marketing talent have sat in your seat, they are more likely to understand the core functions of a role and what skill sets, both hard and soft, are the best match.
  • Cares about the success of the business, not just their placements. An excellent staffing firm should strategize with the client on the resource(s) that will benefit their team the most

3. Ongoing Support. Hiring marketing contractors should be highly personal, not transactional. You want an agency partner that seeks to build long-term relationships with you as a client and with the candidates they provide.

Look for a supportive marketing recruiting firm that:

  • Maintains relationships with candidates. Quality recruiting firms turn today’s candidates into tomorrow’s clients. Inquire about the firm’s long-term relationships with its candidates. It’s a great sign when former candidates become hiring clients.
  • Has contractors who become permanent hires. A good recruiting firm will identify contractors who become indispensable to the hiring manager. A firm’s contractor-to-permanent employee conversion rate is a good metric for success.
  • Has repeat clients. Get recommendations from other organizations that have been pleased with the recruiting firm.

Hiring marketing contractors can be a challenging process. Engage a professional staffing firm with a proven record of finding quality talent to make the process less stressful and more productive for your organization.

Ceres Talent’s recruiters spent most of our careers in marketing roles, so we have the expertise required to find qualified marketing contractors to support your staffing needs. Contact us at [email protected] or here to learn how we can help fill the gaps on your marketing team.

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