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I Just Go There for the Wings

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The idea of a “breastaurant” does not appeal to everyone. But the concept has thrived since 1983, when Hooters launched a restaurant chain combining basic bar food and waitresses clad in skimpy outfits. Other restaurants, with names like Twisted Kilt, Twin Peaks, and Mugs & Jugs, followed suit. But [...]

What Do You Crave this Valentine’s Day?

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Looking for that little romantic spot for dinner that won’t be too crazy on Valentine’s Day? Well, it turns out that spot may have been hiding in plain sight. For over 25 years White Castle has been turning up the heat on Valentine’s Day, and not just under their [...]

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

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Summer is rapidly melting away, but one ice cream brand has endured every season since 1922 and is still going strong. The brand we’re referring to is none other than Klondike, the stick-less little ice cream bar that could. This special treat is almost 100 years old and has [...]

Is Taco Bell the New Vegas Wedding Venue?

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Move over Elvis, there’s a whole new wedding experience waiting for couples in Sin City. For a whopping $600, you can now tie the knot at Taco Bell’s Las Vegas Cantina flagship restaurant. But wait—there’s more. In addition to a marriage certificate, the happy couple will also receive a [...]

How Diapers Defeated Disney, Facebook and Apple

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What makes a brand’s experience stand out? We can name a few best practices that immediately come to mind: excellent customer service; a deep understanding of customers and their needs; engaging and useful content; and the company’s dedication to providing high quality products and services. Basically, when your company [...]

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