Talks with Top CMOs: Six Key Themes

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Curious about what senior marketing leaders are thinking right now? We participated in several CMO roundtables over the past few weeks to find out how CMOs are confronting their companies’ marketing challenges and guiding their teams through this time of unprecedented change. Here are the six themes that consistently [...]

The Fortune (Cookie) of Hiring a Good Copywriter

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A good copywriter is worth his weight in gold (or cookies). It takes a special set of skills and expertise to write words that resonate with your target market. Take George Lois for example. He was responsible for launching Tommy Hilfiger into fame with an iconic billboard.  Or, how [...]

An Elevator Pitch – Inside an Elevator

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Ever wonder where the term “elevator pitch” came from? Back in the ‘90s, Vanity Fair editor Michael Caruso was struggling to discuss story ideas with his editor-in-chief who never had time to meet. Resourceful as he was, Caruso found ways to sum up his pitches in the time it [...]

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