It’s A Job Seeker’s Market. How Can Your Company Attract Top Talent?

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During our most recent CMO roundtable, leaders unanimously agreed that finding top talent is their biggest challenge right now. A year ago, hiring managers had their pick of highly qualified professionals, many willing to take a pay cut or make other sacrifices just to have a job. The hard [...]

“Stranger Things” Than Marketing Failures (aka New Coke)

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For decades, New Coke has been marketing shorthand for “a really bad marketing idea.” But, with the third season of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things taking place in 1985, the year of the New Coke debacle, the product and the marketing around it is being reevaluated. An interesting article [...]

Did Your Future Boss Just Text You?

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Some of us may remember the days of debating between cream or white-colored paper for our resumes. Tomorrow’s job candidates may debate whether a smiley face or a thumbs up is a more professional response to the latest text from a recruiter. That’s right. As this article details, today’s [...]

The Weirdest Marketing Stunts of 2018 (and what they mean for 2019)

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Now that we’ve started a new year, let’s go back in time … to last year. Every year there are a few great marketing campaigns and a few truly bizarre ones. But, even the bizarre ones can tell us something about where marketing trends are going. Inc. magazine released [...]

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