The Weirdest Marketing Stunts of 2018 (and what they mean for 2019)

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Now that we’ve started a new year, let’s go back in time … to last year. Every year there are a few great marketing campaigns and a few truly bizarre ones. But, even the bizarre ones can tell us something about where marketing trends are going. Inc. magazine released [...]

Since I’m a Manager, Shouldn’t I Get a Bigger Turkey?

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Back in the day, people worked 8-hour days and then went home. Usually there was free coffee in the break room, and sometimes even donuts. Often, especially in advertising, executives got expense accounts and used them to take clients and staff out to dinner or drinks, which was considered [...]

What’s In a Name? (And By That We Mean Ours)

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For a business, your name and logo is at the heart and soul of your identity—but sometimes this identity changes over time. It happened with Google.  The search engine giant was originally called BackRub from 1996 to 1997. It also happened with IBM.  This major computing company was called CTR from [...]

Are Omelets the Secret to Talent Retention?

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What does Cecil Exum, a former farm hand, have in common with 85-year-old J.W. “Bill” Marriott Jr.? Well, both started working for Marriott in 1956, but Marriott Jr. has since retired as the hotel chain’s chief executive while Exum continues to work as the Crystal Gateway Marriott’s chief omelet [...]

This Interview Question Is Now Banned in NYC

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Editor’s Note: We usually cover unique (and sometimes wacky) marketing strategies in our blog, but this month we’re turning to a more serious topic that will likely be a game-changer for hiring managers and recruiters. Times are certainly changing—especially for the recruiting and interviewing process. The days of mailing [...]

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