2023 was the year of early experimentation with Generative AI. As we continue into 2024, GenAI is gaining a firm foothold. As a marketing leader, it is critical that you understand, anticipate, and prepare for the profound impact AI will have on your marketing and go-to-market strategies.

During this webinar, Gary Survis, Operating Partner at Insight Partners, one of the largest private equity firms in the world, will discuss what he sees as the five seismic shifts that will transform marketing as a result of GenAI:

  1. Navigating a Zero Click World: Tactics to adapt content and digital strategies to fit the evolving patterns of information consumption influenced by GenAI.
  2. Modern Word of Mouth is Authenticity at Scale: Strategies for building genuine connections in an ecosystem where trust is paramount and influenced by community endorsements rather than traditional advertising.
  3. Brand Distinction Amidst Market Noise: Insights into the importance of a human-centric approach to branding in an increasingly automated environment.
  4. Scaling Personalization Effectively: Discussions on leveraging GenAI for delivering personalized experiences to meet the sophisticated expectations of today’s consumer.
  5. Evolving Your TechStack for Growth: Understanding the necessity of a dynamic tech stack to address swiftly changing technological needs and facilitate growth.

Join us for this can’t-miss webinar for marketing leaders!

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

2:00 – 2:45 PM EST

About Gary Survis, Operating Partner, Marketing Center of Excellence, Insight Partners:

Gary Survis joined Insight Partners in 2016 as Operating Partner of the Marketing Center of Excellence. In his role, he leverages decades of marketing experience to help drive operational strategies and improvements for Insight’s portfolio companies.

Prior to joining Insight, Gary was the Chief Marketing Officer of Syncsort, a big data and mainframe enterprise software company, and the General Manager of its Sort business unit. During his tenure, he oversaw the re-positioning of the company from an old-line enterprise software company to an integral participant in the big data space. He also introduced modern marketing strategies to drive a robust B2B sales pipeline. Previously, Gary was Founder and “Chief Buzz Officer” at Practical Digital Marketing. PDM was a boutique consultancy which focused on assisting VC/private equity financed portfolio companies, and other organizations, with digital marketing, strategy development, and branding. He also acted as a “CMO-for-Rent” at multiple Insight portfolio companies.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Science from Wharton in Entrepreneurial Management, and an MBA in Marketing from NYU Stern School.