We were pleased to participate in Agile World’s Return on Creativity panel discussion featuring our own Sue Keith, one of our managing partners here at Ceres Talent. This event examined the opportunities and challenges facing businesses as they begin the return to work in the office. Every day, the news reports another major company’s return-to-the-office plan. While some opt to bring everyone back into the office 100% of the time, others opt for a hybrid approach that allows some to work remotely at least part of the time. You may be surprised to learn that many companies are converting to a fully remote environment.

Each of these paths brings its own set of complex challenges — from developing expectations of all employees to managing teams in a new way to considering office space. The Return to Work virtual conference brought together panelists from both public and private sector organizations to share insights on how to determine what “return to work” looks like for your company.

View the archived event here.