The internet has changed a lot of things, how we shop, how we date, and how we find jobs. Although some people argue that candidates are no longer expected to send thank-you notes, recruiters and hiring managers still advise people to do so.

Most hiring managers now ask more creative and thoughtful questions than the days of “where do you see yourself in five years?”.  But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still trying to get at the same basic information. What is your work style? What are your goals? Will you be that great employee that brings donuts or the crazy person that steals other people’s lunches for no reason?

In the past, post-interview thank-you notes were supposed to be sent by snail mail, or hand delivered to an office. Today, although a handwritten note is always appreciated and can help you stand out, many people consider emailed thank-you notes appropriate, especially since an email can arrive in a timelier manner than a note sent by mail.

According to a recent Accountemps survey of human resources (HR) managers, only 24% of HR managers receive thank-you notes from applicants. However, 80% of HR managers say thank-you notes are helpful when reviewing candidates.

So, our advice? Send thank you notes! Within a day of your interview, send an email thank-you note to each person with whom you interviewed. The note should thank the person for their time, mention the job for which you’re applying and mention something specific about the interview. You should also re-iterate the reasons you’d be perfect for the job. It’s a great idea to include a link to your LinkedIn profile or other online professional presence. If appropriate, consider including additional work samples that address the needs of the job.

Then, to seal the deal, send a handwritten thank-you note by mail. We know several hiring managers who still expect to receive a card in the mail – and they take notice if one doesn’t arrive.

Applying for a job is always nerve wracking. Knowing the basics of thank-you note etiquette gives you one less thing to worry about. If you’re still worried, take heart, at least your interview wasn’t as bad as these!

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