Thanksgiving is on its way, making it a perfect time of year to sit down and think about what you’re grateful for. There are the obvious categories – family, health, friends, brownies, new episodes of This Is Us – but what about professionally?

Hopefully, most of us are grateful for good bosses and co-workers, and meaningful, well-paid work. But maybe we should also stop and think a little about what we bring to the table, and why we’re grateful for our own skills. We recently asked a group of marketing professionals what skills, talents and experiences they have that they are thankful for. We got some interesting responses:

I’m grateful for silence. I’m totally comfortable with pregnant pauses. Usually, if you stop and listen, clients will give you all kinds of information, and often, more money.  Monika, Content Strategist

Empathy.  Amy, Market Researcher

A background in old-school direct and database marketing.  Barb, Entrepreneur

I didn’t go to college. Instead, I started working for my dad’s ad firm when I was 18. He was from that old school, Mad Men era, and he taught me to think in terms of user experience, before that term was a thing. I wasn’t trained as a copywriter; I was trained as an ad guy. I’ve gotten a lot of work in my career because I can design and do layout, as well as write.  Greg, Ad Guy

A great contact list.  Catie, PR

I used to have a job where I supervised a lot of subcontractors. I’m really grateful for that experience because it’s given me a 3,000-foot perspective. I’m responsible for the writing, but I understand the rest of the project as well.  Terry, Writer

Writing fast.  John, Content Marketing

I’m outgoing and talkative, which leads to a lot of great conversations. I think that’s helped a lot with social media.  Jess, Social Media

I used to edit middle-school nonfiction. I always say I have a 6th grade education in almost everything! I think that’s helped me a lot professionally because I’m completely comfortable researching new fields and switching between niches.  Marta, Writer

Curiosity, I like to learn things.  Carl, Market Researcher

It goes without saying – but we’ll say it anyway – that we’re grateful for you, our clients, candidates, and readers. We’re incredibly fortunate to make a living by matching exceptional marketers with exceptional clients.  Let us know below what you’re grateful for.  Sue & Kathy, Ceres Talent

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