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I Just Go There for the Wings

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The idea of a “breastaurant” does not appeal to everyone. But the concept has thrived since 1983, when Hooters launched a restaurant chain combining basic bar food and waitresses clad in skimpy outfits. Other restaurants, with names like Twisted Kilt, Twin Peaks, and Mugs & Jugs, followed suit. But [...]

Top 3 Reasons to Be a Marketing Consultant

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There are so many different ways to work today: traditional full-time roles, part-time roles, job-shares, gig economy, consulting … the list goes on. At Ceres Talent we specialize in helping companies find both exceptional full-time marketers and marketing consultants. We recently talked to a few members of our talent [...]

Do Marketers Need to Major in Marketing?

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By the time you get through college, September is permanently imprinted on your brain as “back-to-school time,” especially if you also have school-aged children of your own. Everyone from big-box stores to restaurants uses the excitement (and dread) of August and September as a marketing tool. Even universities themselves [...]

“Stranger Things” Than Marketing Failures (aka New Coke)

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For decades, New Coke has been marketing shorthand for “a really bad marketing idea.” But, with the third season of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things taking place in 1985, the year of the New Coke debacle, the product and the marketing around it is being reevaluated. An interesting article [...]

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