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Insist on 3 Requirements When Hiring Marketing Contractors

With a struggling economy and dynamic workforce conditions, today’s organizational success depends on agility and resilience. Hiring contractors can be a critical component of a company’s labor strategy to ensure business continuity and manage risk. Leveraging contractors can help fulfill a marketing team’s short-term needs as well as drive long-term [...]

AI in Marketing: How Will Your Team Be Impacted?

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing has been around for a while, the topic exploded into the mainstream in December of 2022. The match that ignited the explosion? ChatGPT. After ChatGPT’s release and the subsequent widespread coverage, many businesses began to wonder how their marketing strategy would be affected by [...]

Ask A CMO: An Engineered Path to Marketing Leader

With 25 years of diverse marketing and business development experience, Gaurav Bhatia has traveled a sometimes non-traditional yet highly-productive path to his current role as CMO at PenFed Credit Union. A business and digital transformation expert, Gaurav has helped both start-up and legacy companies grow between two- and five-fold. He’s [...]

Ask A CMO: Success Starts With Empathy

Cindy Zhou brings more than 20 years of practitioner experience in corporate marketing, product marketing, product management, sales development, and revenue operations to SecurityScorecard as their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). A recognized industry influencer and award-winning revenue marketing executive, Cindy is a frequent speaker, writer, and media contributor quoted in [...]

Mullets and a New “P” of Marketing

Wait, how many Ps are there, again? Like most people, we sometimes have trouble keeping track of how many Ps there are in the Ps of Marketing. Marketing textbooks and college professors long counted four and only four. But we’re marketers, we can’t just leave it alone. We have to [...]

Ask A CMO: Kevin Fliess

The marketing world waits for no one. Marketing leaders are asked to maintain stability and seek innovation all at once. We come up with ideas, test them out, succeed or fail, and try again. Trends are bucked, processes improved, and technology is discovered that helps us do our jobs better [...]

CMO Roundtable Roundup

A year ago, we wrote about the top issues keeping CMOs up at night as they grappled with the impacts of a global pandemic. Unbelievably, 12 months later, we’re all still navigating the effects of Covid, with new contours and unexpected, permanent realities. What are we also still doing? Participating [...]

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