It happens more than you would think. A person becomes so impassioned about a business, company, or product that they get the logo permanently tattooed onto their skin. Now that’s customer loyalty.

But what happens when workers start a movement to get tattoos of their employers’ logos? According to the Washington Post article, This local pizza chain pays for employee tattoos — of the company’s logo, this is what’s happening at a DC-area company named &pizza. We think this employee-driven movement speaks volumes about the type of work environment and culture that &pizza provides employees.

When a service-line worker came up with the tattoo idea, &pizza chief executive Michael Lastoria remembers jumping on board. “It really struck a chord,” he explained. “So many employees started saying they felt a personal connection to the company.” Soon, the idea took root, and multiple employees were getting tattoos of the company’s ampersand— with Lastoria footing the bill.

“We’re not doing this because we want [employees] to swear their allegiance to us like we’re some insane dictator…We’re doing it because we listen to our people. They love the symbol, they love the look of it, and they love what it stands for,” explained Lastoria. This sentiment shows Lastoria truly understands the reason behind why anyone – employee or loyal customer – would get a brand’s logo tattooed on their body: to show that the values of the brand are values they believe in as well. Those values could be an excellent company culture, a fantastic working environment, or an overall brand message that goes beyond the transactional (think Nike’s “Just do it” slogan).

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