Insist on 3 Requirements When Hiring Marketing Contractors

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With a struggling economy and dynamic workforce conditions, today’s organizational success depends on agility and resilience. Hiring contractors can be a critical component of a company’s labor strategy to ensure business continuity and manage risk. Leveraging contractors can help fulfill a marketing team’s short-term needs as well as drive [...]

It’s A Job Seeker’s Market. How Can Your Company Attract Top Talent?

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During our most recent CMO roundtable, leaders unanimously agreed that finding top talent is their biggest challenge right now. A year ago, hiring managers had their pick of highly qualified professionals, many willing to take a pay cut or make other sacrifices just to have a job. The hard [...]

3 Brand Lessons from a Pleasantly Absurd Ice Cream Shop

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Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia has a reputation for being the most surreal food company in America. With flavors like balsamic banana, pizza, and (founding recipe) Earl Grey Sriracha, this ice cream company is bound to be a bit wacky. Even their physical locations feature décor reminiscent of [...]

The Mix-Up with the Marketing Mix: How Many Ps?

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Recently, my son’s high school marketing teacher mentioned the 5 P’s of marketing. All I could think was “Wait—5 P’s? Isn’t the marketing mix supposed to be 4 P’s:  price, product, promotion, and place? What is this new 5th P all about?” When I asked his teacher that very [...]

Are Millennials Crushing the Dreams of Marketing Directors?

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There are 83 million Millennials in the U.S.—and this hip, digitally savvy and spirited generation has officially become the country’s biggest percentage of working adults today. This is the reason why brands are bending over backwards to get Millennials to invest in their products. The only problem is that [...]

An Elevator Pitch – Inside an Elevator

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Ever wonder where the term “elevator pitch” came from? Back in the ‘90s, Vanity Fair editor Michael Caruso was struggling to discuss story ideas with his editor-in-chief who never had time to meet. Resourceful as he was, Caruso found ways to sum up his pitches in the time it [...]

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